Select a Storage Provider

About Storage Providers

CloudContainer provides an interface for uploading and downloading files as well as a rich, interactive container experience to allow you to embed content in your FileMaker database. The actual storage of the files remains within your own storage provider account in a bucket which you create and configure.

CloudContainer can be used with Amazon S3 or any other S3-compatible storage provider, such as BackBlaze B2, Digital Ocean Spaces, or Wasabi. Each provider will have different steps on how to set up buckets in their services and generate an API key.

Which Storage Provider Should I Use?

Each storage provider has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some offer better performance at a higher price, while others are slower, but significantly less expensive.

The speed of the storage provider you select will have a significant impact on your CloudContainer performance. This will affect how quickly things like uploads/download as well as your containers and thumbnails rendering in your FileMaker solution.

Depending on your provider, you may see a difference of performance of a container loading in under a second to taking more than two seconds to load your container. This can be significantly impactful if you are changing documents quickly in your solution, so it’s important to take your use-case and performance requirements into consideration.

If CloudContainer performance is your top priority you will probably want to go with a provider like Amazon S3, which offers high-speed storage access in many regions around the world. If your priority is storage at a low price, a less feature-rich provider like Backblaze B2 will probably be a more cost-effective storage option, at the cost of slower container loading in your app.